Inconsistency on importing data from module to module


Hi All, 

Does anyone encountered this scenario on importing from the same module. I'm trying to import the value of Aug 20 - Actual to Sep 20 - Budget using  a saved view.

Here's the result:


Item B to F imported the Aug 20 value. But item A seems to add .04.

I also tried to zero out Aug 20 then run the import again and here's the result.  



Hope someone can help on this. 


Thank you!




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  • AlejandroGomez

    thanks for the additional details, @JLD 


    First a quick double-check on the source Line Item: does the line item "Copy Rule Driver: Input" returns the right value for the Line Item "A" in September and Budget? I mean, does that line item return 1 or 1.04 for the data point Budget, September, Line Item A? Lets make sure that the error is not occurring before the data load process:




    Then, if you are loading data from August to September: shouldn't the Time column display "September" instead of "August"?  AS per yur screenshots looks like you are loading August data into August and September into September and so on. Seems to me that the "Time" field should be September and then the Line Item "Copy Rule Driver: Input"  should retrieve the value from August bu using Lookup by chosen Month and Version, so for your time "Sep"  the line item "Copy Rule Driver: Input"  would retrieve the value from Aug and Actual to be loaded into September and Budget.



    I hope the two suggestions above helps you to debug the process.








  • Hi JLD,

    Can you zero out August again and then edit the import action that you're using to update the module and share a screenshot. I'm looking for the window that shows the source data when you edit an action..

  • Hi @JLD 


    I agree with @anirudh: some more details would be necessary. It would be great to have a screenshot of the saved view being used as source and of the mapping settings, specially the ones for Time and Versions, since I suspect that the issue could be there most likely.


    I do not know how you are mapping Aug to Sep, but If you are using a Line Item for calculating the next month for each month, it could be that that particular line items is retrieving Sep20 twice somewhere in the model?


    Looking forward to get some more details so we can find where is that .04 coming from!




  • JLD

    Thanks  @AlejandroGomez and @anirudh for the response.

    Here are more details of the importing. 

    1) I have a parameter here which tells what month and version to copy from and to.



    2) This is the saved view used in the import filter by selected version and month.



    3) Import definitions







  • JLD
    Hi Alex,
    Thank you so much for your help! I was able to review the import definition.
  • I am happy it helped! 🙂