How to make DCA line item go blank when FALSE





I have created a module to submit and approve new employees.

Line items of interest: Submit, Approve. 


Submit is boolean formatted and is TRUE when a person is submitted for approval, FALSE otherwise. 

Approve is a list-formatted line item with 2 list items (Approve, Reject) and DCA driven by the Submit line item: If Submit is TRUE then Approve has Write access otherwise not. 



I want that if a person has submitted a new employee and this then gets rejected by the person doing the approval it should be possible to do a new submit of the same person. So I want the submitter to be able to click on the submit boolean once to tick it off, then do some changes to employee information, and then submit again by clicking Submit line item to become TRUE once again. This is of course possible now, but the Approval line item is not blanked out but still has "Rejected" and conditional formatting on.


How can I make it so that as soon as Submit goes "FALSE" that the Approval line item goes blank like from the start?


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  • anirudh
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    Hi Johan,

    After the Approver rejects the employee by clicking the dropdown and selecting Reject, they should also run an action that first blanks out the Approve line item as well as makes the Submit boolean false.
    Basically, the rejection process is complete only after the approver also hits a 'Reject' button

    It's not possible to control the value that exists in any cell without user input or import actions.

  • akhil.kohli

    Hi Johan,


    So this is a 2 way approve/reject, where you first submit and then approve/reject gets enabled based on the first condition.


    You an achieve the solution the following way


    1. Once the approver rejects, there is a rejection button which makes the submit line item turn false (as is initially). This will disable the Approve/Reject Line item.


    Note that, in case you also want to remove the approve/reject text, you will need to import the blanks as the first step because as a WA you will be able to import the data against a DCA line item (even if not applicable) but end users will not be.