How are you configuring workflow?

Hi Anaplanners - I am in search of process improvements to workflow. Who's willing to share their success with establishing workflow for approvals that encompass some derivative of:

  • required date field
  • required approve OR reject field
  • email notification submission 
  • submission button

Key considerations are: user friendliness for approvers who aren't in the plattform regularly, intuitive steps/instructions, etc.


Thank you!!! 


  • Hi Sarah,

    You can build a workflow that consists out of a combination of line items, a list, and a time dimension. By using Dynamic Cell Access (DCA) you can ensure that once the date field and a submission button is ticked you lock the input data.
    After approval/rejection you can keep the data locked or re-open it again.
    The email notification button in the NUX can be configured only in the NUX directly, you have to pre-specify the recipients per button.

    Once Anaplan delivers the new additional workflow functionality you can assign tasks to specific roles/users. This would probably still need DCA on the back-ground so the effort that you're taking now isn't lost completely due to new update.
  • SimonaBenedetti
    edited August 2023

    Hi All, Is the workflow still available? I tried to create a new list in an old model that was using some lists with workflow but the button is greyed out . Also if we don't set the DCA is the status blocking the data entry?

  • Hello :) Is workflow working with polaris engine? Thanks!