Error in level 1 Activity 7.2.3 : Unable to Import Name, Department into Employee Details Module


Hello Anaplan Community,

I am stuck in level 1 - Activity 7.2.3 : Import Data into Employee Details Module.  For some reason, the Name, Department, Country cannot be imported.  Could I please get some advice on how to resolve?  Thank you!


















  • Hello @WanchiS 


    the employee List is a numbered list. There are 3 main reasons why would we need a numbered list, one of which is that the names could be duplicate. For that reason, the unique identifier for the employee list is not name but rather code. 
    Data is imported based on a unique identifier, and since you used the name, Anaplan import couldn’t match the rest of employee details such as department, country, ...etc

    Use a unique identifier for employees

  • Hi Einas and Anaplan Experts,


    Thank you so much for your quick reply, which is very helpful!  I tried importing the list again as a numbered list, but the import was not successful and it "ignored" the import data.  Would you please kindly see what needs to be changed from the mapping below?  Thank you so much!











  • Hello @WanchiS 


    When you specify that a source is a Fixed value,  it means that all entries in the target (the module) will be populated by a “fixed” value that you should specify, -as in the second screen shot you provided. 
    Consider the following example

    if you are importing ACTUALs data (for Versión)into a module,  you don’t need to  have a “Version” column in the source -repeatedly having the value ACTUAL for every row. It is not necessary. In this case you would specify that the Source for the “versions” target is Fixed and specify that as ACTUAL in the corresponding tab
    So, The Source for the Employee should not be Fixed. It should be the unique values that identifies each employee, which is code. 

    Hope that clarifies the issue. 

  • Hi Einas and Anaplan Experts,


    Thank you so much for your quick reply, which is very helpful! I figured out that my problem in my list set-up --- the "E2 Employees#" list was not set up correctly and did not have the correct "Code" data for each employee populated in the "Code" column.  Now that I have fixed the "Code" column in the E2 Employees# list, the data import for activity 7.2.3  worked. 


    The "Code" column did not populate in my SYS08 Employee Details module after the data import, and after completing activity 7.2.4 by adding the formula to the "Code" line item, it worked out --- also addressed by the thread below for reference:


    Thank you so much for your help!

  • @WanchiS 


    I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue.  Thank you for referencing the related post. 
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  • I tried these steps but now it shows the codes rather than employee names. I don't know what is wrong! 

  • Hi there

    i am facing same issue and I am not able to get it solved for some reason, my number list was made correctly, it’s still showing error with invalid line item in details section of error. Please help. Thank you.

  • Awesome screen shots.  Alas, I still had loads of unrecognized records which I've isolated to an issue with the CSV turning the code into text (vs a number) for some reason.  Reformatted, then tried saving in alternate format and every time all the <100 codes still did not match. Ultimately, I manually matched them, no fun. 

  • warmok

    Thank you so much. This thread helped me.