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I have a module that is dimensioned by product. I would like to export this module for each product in a single excel workbook, with each product on a new tab. Is this possible?



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  • @CommunityMember113484 

    Sadly I do not think this is possible via the UX or modelling environment.

    However, I would explore using the add ins for Excel where you can create a dynamic link into your model and have the Excel update directly within Excel.


  • @CommunityMember113484 While exporting, Pivot the product dimension into Pages. Now you can use Export>Grid Layout option and select "All Pages" radio button to export all the products data in single workbook with each product in separate tabs.


    Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 8.44.52 PM.png


    Hope this helps


  • Hi, Thanks for this - I've just downloaded the addin and I can only see it by a single product (as in the model builder view), but how do I get a new product per tab? Thanks