Formula help needed


Hi ,

I have 2 lists, List 1 and list 2.

I have a module with line items List 1 code, List 2 code and type and applies to as List1..


The values are as below. I have another module with applies to as list 2. I need to pull in items of Type A into line item 1 and Type B into line item 2 based on the List 2 code. Please can you help me on the formula.








  • Hi Rajasekhar,

    In Module 1 create a line item called Type A values with the formula:
    If Type = "A" THEN values ELSE 0
    Create another line item for Type B values:
    If Type = "B" THEN values ELSE 0

    In your second module, for type A values, use the formula:
    Module 1.Type A Values[SUM: Module 1.List 2]
    for type B values:
    Module 1.Type B Values[SUM: Module 1.List 2]

  • Thank you but please not the ABC, XYZ etc are all in text format. Hence the SUM function would not work.


    I was able to create line items in Module 1 and bring Type A and Type B items but unable to apply the SUM as all of these are in txt format and not list format.


    Please can you provide some work around.

  • Try
    Module 1.Type A Values[TEXTLIST: Module 1.List 2] and
    Module 1.Type B Values[TEXTLIST: Module 1.List 2]
  • @anirudh 


    Instead of TextList, try using FirstNonBlank or LastNonBlank.  TextList is very poor for performance reasons.