I have a list of products, with Country as Parent. Each product also belongs to a specific reporting group (which I've included as a line item in a Product Details module).

I need to create a report which is categorised by reporting group (with products under each).  However, looks like you can only have 1 parent? Is there a way around this?



  • Hi @CommunityMember113484 


    You can create Flat Reporting Group list and in product details module line item with Reporting Group list formatted you can assign same group for many products and reference this to categorize in Reporting module by LOOKUP of the Reporting group which is dimensioned by the Product list . You will get Country as well as a parent of the list . 



    Puneeth HP 

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  • as an alternative to the solution given by @Puneeth H P , you can also assign a Reporting Group to each product as a property and then use SUM to report numeric values at the Reporting Group Level. 





    Please, note that best practice is to store values and properties in a module rather than in a list, but the SUM function in the report module will follow the same logic.