Need help with Selective access problem


Hi, I have a custom user list and a another dimension called B with 10 members. There is a input grid where user list is in pages and List B is in the list formatted line item, I want as per each user they should only see few members of list B in the line item in input grid and it is many to many mapping between user list and list B members. I have tried using selective access with B list but was unable to see the results. Kindly suggest a way how i can achieve this? thanks in advance.



  • @Vishal_Tiwari,


    Selective access controls the actual user's list but not the custom user list.

    Set up DCA by dimensionalizing both custom user list and list B and use them as read/write driver access in your line item.


    try selective access for both custom user list and list B. But in your custom user list map the write access to all the actual users (default users).








  • Hi @Vishal_Tiwari 


    does the input grid have more dimensions besides users and List B?


    Dynamic Cell Access should be able to provide the solution you are looking for. Lets have a look at the different steps you need to take to achieve your desired goal:


    1. Create a module with the custom user list and the "List B" and 2 line items formatted as boolean: Write? and Read?. Then manually select these items from list B that should be accessible per User.


    2. Then, in the Data input grid, go to the blueprint and scroll right until you find the columns "Read Access Driver" and "Write Access Driver". Select the Line Items from the module created in step 1.


    3. Right after completing the step 3, you should see the effect on your data input grid. I advise you to publish both modules (the "access driver" and the "input grid") on the same dashboard and pivot the views if needed, so you can easily test the impact of the former on the latter:






    Please, let me know if it helped. Else, feel free to attach some screenshots or provide some more details.




  • @Vishal_Tiwari,


    In reference to my previous post. You can simply achieve this by enabling selective access for both the list and give relevant access on both the list. Selective access for your custom user list will be one-to-one mapping while enabling write access.


    Let me know if you need more help.




  • I tried using selective access for both the dimensions but the drop down of list B shows all the members in the dashbaord
  • Hi Alex,
    Thank you for the solution but i did till step 3 and then applied read and write access DCA in input module but still B list formatted line item is showing all the members in the dropdown
  • @Vishal_Tiwari,

    Try enabling selective access in the list formatted line item as well.




    This should work.





  • You are right, that is because I forgot to mention that the last step should be filtering the List "B" based on the access selection.


    Do the following:

    1. Create a new Line Item for filtering. This new item would be true if Read Or Write are true (so users will see only these items to which they have either read or write access)



    2. Then Create the filter (users dimension is in pages)



    By adding this filter to the steps from my previous post, I will manage to display only these items from List B to which a user has access to.



    Give it a go, it should help I hope.