Bulk Copy Action


Hello all

We are refining the functionality for Bulk Copy as an action.  We could do with some clarity over how you see this being used, specifically with regard to ALM.


Just a couple of initial points

1. We are not changing the existing functionality of the Bulk Copy action on the versions screen

2. We are going to allow you to create an action on the actions screen where you choose/set

  • Name of the action
  • the List on which to perform the copy
  • Source Member
  • Target Member

and then save the action for future use

2. The action will initially only be available for Workspace Admins


the question I have is do you think this would be used for Production lists? - From the requests it seems more targeted at structural lists as part of initialisation/update processes

As ever, I'd welcome any thoughts




  • great news, thanks @DavidSmith 


    I do not personally see what could be the harm of applying Bulk Copy to a Production List, so I think is better if it works for both, Production and Structural lists. 


    Also, the fact that the action will be only available for WSadmins reminds me of the petition to make available for end users the ability to download the model history. https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Idea-Exchange/Enable-History-download-for-Non-Admin/idi-p/77198

    So I would say, if possible, to make this action available and accessible for end users too.




  • @DavidSmith 


    That will be a great win. For me it was always structural list  like Rolling Versions, snapshotting etc. Bulk copy like feature can be automated which is a great great win.


    One question though can an action be modified once it has been created with List, Source member and target member?

  • @Misbah 



    The challenge of end users is always selective access - It adds a massive amount of complexity of what can and can't be copied.  Not saying we'd never do it, but not likely for the initial release

    And yes, the action would be editable as per any other action once created - In fact for this to work with ALM, you would have to be able to edit the source and target members because if the list was a production list, the members in PROD are very likely to be different to DEV


    One question for you both, and the wider audience.  the original request for this was because it negated the need to be in the UI.  But I'm hearing from others that publishing to a dashboard would also be very useful.

    So, if phase 1 was just an action, is that still useful, of do we need to be able to publish the action as well?



  • @DavidSmith Thanks for sharing the news. I have been working on creating this functionality for end users and this would be great if we can make this feature available for end users.


    So , to your point, for Phase 1, if this action would be available only for Workspace Admins, I do not see any reason to get that action published.


    Having said that, it would be nice to have feature and definitely must-have feature when we make this action available for end users.




  • @DavidSmith 


     As part of Initial release if it is just an action it can be still can be automated thru APIs - that being the major diff between this new feature and Native Bulk Copy feature. Anaplan can then think of updating it further releases. Long Story short yes, it still will be a great feature in initial release.



  • Thanks for the explanations @DavidSmith 


    Reg your question, even thought the action is not meant to be used by end users at this stage, all in all I would rather have the choice to publish the action on dashboards.

  • All

    Just an update to set expectations:

    For the initial release

    • we are restricting the action to structural lists only, including an error message if you do try and set a list as production that is already used in a previously defined action - There is adding complexity in the UI to allow configuration of the action in deployed mode, and it keeps the deliverable in scope for the February release
    • The action will be able to be published to a dashboard, but only run by Workspace Admins

    We will plan to add production lists in time as part of future development


  • what's the status on this one @DavidSmith ? is this feature available yet?

  • Misbah



    David is no longer with Anaplan. This functionality is definitely not part of March Release. Let's see if it it gets delivered in April.

  • Any news about this feature? Would be very nice if we could use Bulk Copy in the UX

  • Phil11

    I've got to agree with the need to give this to end users.  If I'm a planner working on my budget or re-forecast I need to be able to quickly copy this to Budget v1 etc. (just for my slice of the data), where I will make some changes to my assumptions and then compare the two side by side.  My next step then needs to be either submit the version of my choice upwards, or copy it back to the Budget version, where it becomes my final version that I will then submit.

    Am I correct in saying that the only way this can be accomplished currently is via the WSA carrying out a Bulk Copy?  Are there any workarounds that don't involve export and reload of data?

  • Hi @RayZhang ,  @DelahayeOlivier and @Misbah ,


    The Bulk Copy Action is still on the roadmap. It had to be pushed back to the second half of the year but it is on its way.

  • @Misbah & others,


    Any idea when we are going to get this? 


    I am super pumped about this and it would be very helpful for us.

  • Hi @DavidSmith 

    Thanks for the question. I agree with the others that Production lists will be useful to apply to the functionality. \

    I also would consider having a toggle to turn on Production data to this action OR at least ability to choose Source and Target members via list formatted line items in a SYS module.



  • @Sarahjayne.Estrada 


    Not that I am definite on the timelines but as per @dafinkapancheva it seems to be in second half of this year




  • @dkolka You should take a look - I have to test but according to this thread, Bulk Copy is for Structural lists only. 

  • @gheiler 


    Bulk Copy shouldn't have anything to do with "structural" data as it is only copying transactional data.


    Take a look at the below: 


    The above was on a non Prod Data list, the below is on a  Prod Data List





  • Thanks for getting back @rob_marshall . I am referring to whether the List across which we are bulk copying from Source item to Target item can be a Production list, and referring to David's comment earlier (attached) stating that  the action could be set up only for structural non-production lists. Am I misunderstanding what he meant?


    I've yet to actually just go ahead and test the action though to get an answer.

  • @gheiler 


    Well, he may have said that and I understand why from an action standpoint (what if the source or target was not in the deployed model), but an admin can certainly run it on an ad hoc basis.  In my tests above, it was done on a production data list as well as a non production data list.



  • @rob_marshall 


    Yes I was referring specifically to the action not the original bulk copy functionality itself. It makes sense, and I think the action would maybe need a dynamic option to formulaically mark Source and Target items, with a safe error in case there isn't a mapping, before it could work for the use case I have in mind. Thank you for helping out on this!



  • @gheiler 


    As an action it only works on Structural lists. Basically to take Snapshots, in Versioning etc. on a model level it will be of huge help




    Miz Logix

  • @Misbah 


    Hope you are well thanks for chiming in and finding that documentation to confirm. That is exactly what I was looking for.


    I agree, massive help although ad-hoc snapshotting / versioning with a fake Versions list sometimes requires the list to be Production (to avoid ALM and put the power in the End Users hands), in a sense sort of like Copy Branch could be used in Classic UX to give non-admins ability to create and model scenarios quickly with no ALM without having to create tons of imports to "snapshot" or save data. But like I mentioned above, this wouldn't be possible until the Source and Target items can be formulaically driven or selected upon running the action anyway.  


  • @gheiler 


    Yep, along with what @Misbah stated, when you set up the action, it only gives you Non Production Data lists








  • @rob_marshall 


    Perfect, thank you for that documentation. 

  • Just tested the new bulk copy action, it appears to be hard pegged to the list member or versions you select when you configure the bulk copy action. Although this is a step forward, it would be very helpful for admin version data control, if there was an "ask each time" option so a user could pick between the source and target for the list/version it is set up for each time the button is clicked.

  • @Ron Baylo 


    Been a long time...So, I agree with you a select or prompt would be nice, but it is going to be very difficult for anyone other than an Admin to run this for the simple fact the user might not have access to all of the hierarchies.  For this reason, currently, only Admins can run the action.



  • Always good to hear from you Rob! Totally agree at this time it has to be an administrator level action, otherwise underlying read and write access would also have to be all sorted out. As an Admin action only... makes for an elegant version management dashboard. Already using paired with snapshot actions on models against a Versions List, big step forward!