Bi-weekly Pay Period Management


Dear Community,


My budget model's calendar type is Month/Quarter/Years but I need to do some calculations by bi-weekly pay periods and then roll up the result (using SUM) to month.  Our payroll calendar varies by year. 


I created a Pay Period Lists and a management module to map the Pay Period to the Month and Year it belongs. Please see the attached file. I still need to work on not hard coding year etc., but I wanted to consult with our experts to make sure that my approach is not against  Anaplan best practice. 


Thank you very much for your help.








Best Answers

  • hendersonmj

    Your approach looks okay to me if you have ruled out using the regular Time feature using Weeks and a time filter to show only pay periods.

    Mapped alt-Time lists give us flexibility, but be aware that alt-Time lists don't automatically handle any of the conveniences (switchover date, current period, PREVIOUS, etc.) that are provided by the model calendar.  Most of those features can be built with a bit of creativity and effort, The alternative is to use the stock time feature with the week level (4-4-5, 4-5-4 or 5-4-4) with weeks rolling up to months. To show only pay periods (even or odd weeks) you would use a time filter to suppress alternating weeks. You could use a Time Range configured at the Month level for other (non-payroll) modules.  

  • LilyLiuAnaplan

    Thank you so much, both!

    Dear Chenhack, could you please kindly elaborate your solution in more detail? It seems amazing but I cannot fully understand. 

  • jackcplanning

    You can create a dummy model and set the Time Settings to Weeks.

    Create a module with Time as the dimension with a number formatted line item - set the formula to 1. This will sum up the # of weeks in a given month (see attached image).

    You can then import the months into your spoke model.


    Just a note: this is a workaround, likely not the optimal solution!


  • If converting your model to weeks isn't an option, an alternative solution may be to create a separate model (weeks based) and import the # of weeks in a given month. For example, a 4-4-5 calendar would import 4 weeks to the first period of the quarter. This would result in the 3rd period having 2.5x pay to accommodate the extra week.