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Is it possible to create a combination chart in the NUX which combines all 3 charts in 1? I tried earlier and I was not able to align the dots across each bar chart? They were all clustered together. Any ideas?










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    Can you try having a different saved view? Like, pivot rows into column and column into rows?





  • Yes I did try, but it doesn't give me the products at the bottom and the % on the side?
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    Can you elaborate on how do you want to see your end result. 

  • Sure - I want the products to be grouped together with Year 1 return as column (year 1 benchmark as a dot), year 2 return as column and dot above the column graph, and same with year 3.
    Basically grouping the Product A, B, and C together from the screenshot. However, when I try this, the column charts are fine, but the benchmarks (dots) are on top of each other in the middle?
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    See if this helps



  • Hi, thanks for looking into this, but unfortunately, I don't want them stacked as they are separate. I want Products to be where the Years are currently (unstacked), but also benchmark performance as dots above each year?
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    Does that mean you want Years to be stacked instead of Products. And you also want Benchmark percentage on top of it.

  • Years, unstacked instead of products. and yes, benchmark on top of each year. However, the bechmarks as dots are coming up clustered on top of a single column bar, rather than corresponding with each year?
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    Ah I see what you are saying. That may not be possible because you will never have two diff data points in one line item. Benchmark will have its own line item or list item which will not align with the others & will have its own unique positioning in the graph. Hence the mismatch in the alignment.