3.5.5 Activity: Create Distribution Center Summary UX Page


Couple of queries

1. The instruction does not talk of conditional formatting Distribution Center capacity %, If we need to do it what would be the reference point ?



2. The grid on Product SKU by distribution center - I have tried multiple options but cannot get it in the same format - 

How do I go about it ? 

a. Module SYS08 SKU details : Cant get it in the same order 

b. DAT01 Beginning Inventory - How do I hide the beginning inventory ? Also if this approach of taking DAT01 Beginning Inventory the right approach as the distribution centres can change and there could be no stock at certain times.






  • @binoev 


    I'll tell you how I approached this, FWIW.   Generally speaking, it doesn't look like the course is yet fully adapted to the New UX's present limitations.  If there is no explicit instruction to precisely match a particular feature of the prototype, I just got close enough to keep to the letter of the functionality as specified and the general spirit of the aesthetic and left it at that.


    To your specific inquiries:


    1. Conditional formatting wasn't even possible in the New UX when line items are nested in columns until fairly recently.  I ignored it until now.  How you choose to implement the color is kind of up for grabs. With an example showing only 2 points on the spectrum, it's not clear at all whether the color should vary continuously based on it's value directly or be thresholded based on being, for instance, above or below 90 %.


    2.  This is about finding a module with the right dimensions, pivoting and filtering it to match what's needed, and showing what needs to be seen (or is it hiding/not showing what doesn't need to be seen...?) 


    a. Reordering of line items doesn't seem to be supported in the custom view controls in the View designer.  If you really want to match the order (TBH, I didn't bother), you'll have to do that elsewhere...


    b. Is it that there's no stock at certain times or no stock at certain places (see above comments for 2.)?  Also, Show/Hide can be done in the New UX, if you can manage to eyeball the control....