Adding Multiple list items




By creating add row action I can add 1 row for a numbered list .Is there any feasibility in New UX to add MULTIPLE ROWS of a numbered list at a time?






  • Hi @tejaswini 


    It isn't possible to create multiple list items in an action, to counter this in the past I have created a new module with the same line items as my target and a number of dummy list items. Users have then filled in the line item details here before using an import action to add all the populated members to the target list. 

  • @tejaswini 


    Within the UX as well as the old UX, you can add multiple members at a time if the list is a numbered list.


    UX:  this functionality was recently released and has to be on a worksheet:







    On the old UX, you can click in the upper left corner of the dashboard element:






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  • @rob_marshall 


    With in the new UX on a worksheet - Insert multiple items option is disabled 

    Is it because of the module view containing different other dimensions (time, versions and other lists)?

    Can Insert multiple items work even if the module view having dimensions?




  • @tejaswini 


    Great question and the answer would be no, not in that view.  When you add member(s) to a list, that module has to be dimensionalized by only that list because the system can't handle multiple names/display names if the results are dimensionalized by multiple lists.  Hope that makes sense, but I feel that is a messy explanation.


    Let me try it again....If it is only dimensionalized by that list, the "display Name" can only have that one value.  But if it is dimensionalized by Version and Time, this will not work because in theory, the "display name" can have different values for each version and time period.