Text Formatted Line item character Limit


Hi Team,

Just wanted to know do we have any Limitation of character for a text formatted line item value entered.


I am aware that Max of 60 Character can be entered for a line item name , but for value to be entered.is there any Limitation and will it effect my model size aswell.






  • @MadhabikaM 


    As far as I know, No there is no limit on that but it has direct impact on the performance and size based on the number of characters that you have in text formatted line item.


    You may not see the number of bytes go up with every character that you enter within the line item when the reality is that in  backend your model may be more than double the size of what you see on the model screen. So use text formatted line item cautiously.


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  • JordanHo
    edited March 2023

    For Item() in text format, a limit of 60 characters or more will get an error on importing.