Product List - best way to not show products which are no longer active?


I have a number of lists e.g. product list or employees list, but how is it best to maintain these as the list keeps growing, but we have products which are no longer active or employees who have since left?




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    Once identified what needs to be deleted use Delete from List using Selection option and try to run it during off Business hours. 

  • I don't think this works when there may have been data against this product/employee in previous versions?
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    Ah! If it is only about showing the required products then you can create a matrix of Products and Versions and Write a formula in Boolean formatted line item  Data <> 0.


    Apply the filter based on the above Boolean formatted line item. This will display only those products which have values in current version.



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    The best way to manage your active and non-active list members is by having list subsets.


    Create a subset in your product/Employee list and call it "ss: Active products" or "ss: Active users"  and update these subsets based on actions/Manually.





  • @CommunityMember113484  The different solutions above will help you. I would use the subset approach in order to save space in these modules which do not need the whole list.


    But the reason I am posting is to warn you about potential data loss: when a list item is removed from a subset, all the data stored for that item (i.e data which has been manually entered or loaded as opposed to data resulting from calculations) will be lost.


    So just keep this in mind and make sure that you do not have Data Modules using the Subset, or, if you do, make sure that you can afford to lose the data related to the item which is going to be excluded from the subset.