Importing csv file


HI Team,


We are importing data from csv file. Import is successful but data in one column coming in different format. 

eg: Input format- 

DCX - Contact Center - Cognitive Contact Center.
data in Anaplan End: - 
DCX?- Contact Center - Cognitive Contact Center
can you please help us how to fix this error? . column format in module is Text. no other format added.


  • Hi @Jerin_KJ 


    not sure whats going on there, but it reminds me of a post by @Damian_Broj_oldaccount  about different types of hyphens causing issues in Anaplan:


    in this post, Damian mentioned that different software (Such MS Word) can generate dashes which look identical but are different symbols in reality. It seems to be the case here and eprhaps he could offer more guidance here.


    A potential workaround that I can suggest for this is to save the source file as .txt instead of .csv (more specifically as "Unicode text") and then, when loading the data file into anaplan, selecting  UTF-16LE as Text Encoding. That should help you to get rid of the special characters that may be causing your error.