Create a list member using sync in the New UX


Does the New UX have the ability to create a list member with the sync function for a hierarchy list?


For example, in the classic UX, the "Create" function could be used to add a list member and the list member would roll up to the parent that has been selected as a page selector. In the New UX, we can create a "Form" to do that, but the user has to select the "Parent" in the Form. I was wondering if there is a functionality for the user to create a Form but the list member is created for the parent selected in the page selector. Is that possible?


  • Hi,


    With respect to forms, what you describe is on the roadmap for Q1 next year. The parent will default to the context set in the page, but still be editable by the user.


    On a worksheet, in the add multiple items menu, the context of where you land your cursor is respected.