Broken saved view caused by renamed LI part of the saved view




I have recently stumbled upon the following case: I have a saved view part of an Import action. I've done optimization to the relevant module during which some of my Line items got renamed. A week later when the Import action needed to be executed, it failed due to unmapped items. It turned out that the renamed Line item lost it's mapping for the import. 

Are you aware if this will be relevant in all the cases when we have a renamed LI or there is something else which I don't take into account?

To be honest, it's quite disturbing if this will happen whenever a LI got renamed.


Thanks in advance




  • Hello @Kristina_Mihay 

    When making structural changing such as renaming a line item, you break the mapping that used that line item, so you have to remap after such action.
    You will be faced with a similar issue if you are importing from a file and renamed the file.

  • Dear Einas,


    to be honest this is quite disturbing and not flexible at all.


    Thanks for sharing & for the confirmation.





  • @Kristina_Mihay 


    Yes that is right! The moment name of the Line item changes it impacts the Import mappings because Anaplan Automatically maps (by default) the source name and the target name.

  • Echoing some of the other responses here - I've also had problems with this.  


    I always recommend to anyone that they never (or at least rarely) ever re-name line items for this very reason. And if you must re-name an item, be sure that it's not mapped to an import action.



  • I've run into the same thing, as have my teammates. It would be great if Anaplan had memory of line item mappings in the actions - like a code on the backend.