Level 1 lesson 1-4 Question: Im not sure my model is correct. How can i verify that it is?


My suggestion is to pull up your model and pull up the completed model at the same time.  You can open them in different tabs to compare the two. If you review your model early and often you prevent bigger issues down the road if you have an early error. 


First, review and compare your model all the way from the step one to where you are today.

  • Check your Model Calendar and make sure you have the correct time dimension settings for the Model. Does it look the same as the prebuilt example model? If not, review your training activities and correct your errors. 
  • Review your versions.  Do they match the requirements in the training? If not, update. 
  • Review your lists. Are they set up correctly?Is the correct Hierarchy used? Did you add the correct Parent and Top Level?
  • Review and compare your imported data to the example model. Open up the grid view to view the imported data. 
  • Continue to review and compare.