Activity 11.3.2 Import data into P&L Actual & Budget - not working


Hi, I have been trying to import data into the DATA01 P&L Actual & Budget Module with no success.


I have also checked the Example model and noted that there is no data in this module - I am not sure why?


Please see my mapping screenshots


Please help as I am stuck


  • @jmwoyounotswa  The screenshots shows that only "Rent" line item had issues while import. If that is the case, can you check the format of the "Rent" line item.



  • If you click on 'Detail' at the top of your mapping error screenshot what reason is given for the failure. This will often help you diagnose what has caused the problem. 

  • @jmwoyounotswa 

    One of the line items is not mapping correctly because they are spelt differently; Utilities. If you change the spelling in the target module or map this line item manually you should have no further errors.


    You are almost there. Other that this mapping error I can not see any other problem with the import definitions.

  • in example model, if you will change the version to Actual you will see data.