How to set default value for list item


I create a line item called unit  and format it as List (include pcs, kpcs, mpcs). 


 If i do nothing , default value is blank ,How to set default value of List to kpcs


  • Hi Leco1982,

    It's not possible to have change the default value in a line item. The only way to achieve this would be an import action. Provide an action on the dashboard that imports kpcs into all the blank line items.


  • @Leco1982 

    It is not possible to set the a line item which is used to select the a value as a default but the following work around may offer an alternative.


    Create a default line item formatted as the list and set this to the required item.

    Create an override line item formatted as the list. This will be used to select an alternative to the default.

    Create a result line item also formatted as the list. Using the following formula you can set this line item to equal the default line item if the override is blank.

    = IF ISNOTBLANK(Override line item) THEN Override Line item ELSE default


    Your user will see the Override and Result line items but you can choose to hide or make the default read only.


    Therefore, the result will always show the default unless the user chooses an alternative from the override option.