Level 2 Sprint 1 Lesson


I have now renamed the actions and processes as required by the lesson

I find I have an extra ACTION in PROCESS 1.  It is ACTION 1.7 Initially the lesson while importing asked us to import only the Distribution centre and the Product Code.  Subsequently there was a step to add a formula for import of CODE which I did in the Blueprint view.  I believe this is the extra step recorded.  My questions are whether (1) I leave it as it is? 

(2) When you add formulas to import Codes are they recorded as a step? As I see other formulas added are not recorded as a step. 

Some help will be greatly appreciated.  I have attached screen shots.



ThiruScreenshot (170).png


  • Hi @ThiruT 


    Initially did the import action to build Distribution Center to map with the Products . 

    And now if there is a step to formulize the Product CODE , then we can do it in the other line item . 

    But once it is formulized then no need to add as a step in the process , It is to build the initial data build . 

    If you want to add it as a step means you can add the formula to new line item and leave the CODE part as it is , which can be used to build with the import action which is already created. 



    Puneeth HP 

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • Hi Puneeth

    Thank you for the reply.  The ACTION was recorded BY the system.  Therefore, I now have an additional ACTION in the process 1.  Can I leave it as it is or should I delete this action?  I am a bit concerned because the system had generated this ACTION and not me.  I followed the lesson.  Screenshot of the lesson attached. (Import Data and ADD Formula).  



    ThiruScreenshot (172).png

  • You can proceed with deleting this action . 

    Actions which are saved should serve a purpose for future business process . If the action created is not necessary you can always delete those actions . 


    Thank you,

    Puneeth HP

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!