Applying a TRUE boolean across all months when a single month is TRUE



I have a module with three relevant dimensions:


Position ID (FLAT Position ID)

Component (FLAT Components)

Time (monthly)


For a component under a position, if any month is marked true in an initial line item, every month should be marked true in an associated line item. Screenshot attached, but in the example if TBR for BELL is marked TRUE in JAN 21, I want to mark every month as TRUE in the next line item.


I have tried using an interim line item that removes the time dimension and then trying to pull it back up using an ANY, but this isn't working.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you


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  • anirudh
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    One last change, sorry for missing it earlier.
    Change Position Delta Flag formula to:
    Delta Flag[SELECT: Time.All Periods]


  • You're on the right track and it's a quick fix!
    Just go to the Delta Flag line item in blueprint view and change the time summary level to Any

    Then change the Final Delta Flag formula to simply refer Position:Delta Flag


  • Thanks for your response, unfortunately it isn't working. I've tried changing delta to time summary of any, to no avail. Here are screenshots of how the module + blue print look. Delta Flag and Final Delta Flag are both set to "None, Time: Any"

  • Hey Robin,

    Could you change Position: Delta Flag to simply refer Delta Flag and the final Delta Flag to refer Position: Delta Flag, no ANY formulas on any of the line items
  • Done as you asked, more screenshots below. Still not flowing as expected.

  • Hey, were you able to solve this problem ?