Setting up a Time Setting in Model



I would like to know how I would set up the Time Settings in my module so that I'm able to see the actuals for the day Selected, and then Forecast Numbers only after that day? 


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  • Sounds like you are asking about Switchover. Here is a 5-minute introduction of how switchover works and how to use it:


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  • @neg177 Thats a great question. I think if you are using native "Versions" from the settings, then you should follow the same as suggested by @jasonblinn 


    However, I prefer to have a SYS Time Setting module with boolean formatted line item which gives me the flexibility to use them in calculations as well as filters to differentiate Actual Months and Forecast months and even combination of both.


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  • Would I use this Method aswell if I wanted to create a Rolling Forecast on a Daily basis? 


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