L1 MB Exercise 9.2.5 Small Typo in the "Unit Price %" Formula


Just want to point out that there is a small typo in the lesson instruction --- there should be a space between "Price %" in the formula for line item "Unit Price %", otherwise the formula insert will error out for that line item.




  • Hi WanchiS,

    Good pickup , it shows your attention to detail skill. Much appreciated to express the finding to the community.  In other point of view ANAPLAN training us to become independent model builders by way of fix errors like this and get used to formula formation ourselves , otherwise we have to depend on some one to create the formula and copy paste . 

    I have come across similar issues in some other instant as well , spend hrs to find the mistake, but find creating formulae myself is solution to solve this type of issues.. 

    I appreciate your notification solve the issues future learners on this activity !