Finding a model on apphub


Hi!  I'm a former Anaplan employee from years before now at a partner.  When I was at Anaplan, I'd published 3 apps on the AppHub, but now with this new format, I can't find anything.  I've tried the search bar and nothing.  Any ideas?  Since I'd published those under Anaplan and not a partner, I should be able to download and use, and would really like to show those off to one of my clients.



  • Hi Karthik,

    Can you post the names of the apps?

  • @karthiknatarajan  All the Anaplan published apps in AppHub are free downloadable to all. If you are not able to find in the App Hub anymore, it might be possible that Anaplan would have removed those Apps from App Hub. I would suggest you get in touch with who can guide you.


    Hope this helps.