How to identify the Top Level item in a Module


Dear All,

I have a requirement to show elements belonging the Top Level item in my Module, but unfortunately i cannot identify the Top Level Item, since i am unable to capture any of the properties (or) Attributes of Top Level item.


Top Level item is defined in Level 1

Level 1 is parent of Level 2

Level 2 is parent of Level 3


When i choose Top Level Item in Level 1, then i should all the elements belonging to L3.

Please help how to identify the Top Level selecti






  • Hi Tharik,

    Can you explain what exactly you want to do with the Top Level in the level 1 list? Do you want to activate a filter if top level is selected? Or do you want to sum up all the children when top level is selected?

  • Hello, Tharik.


    You should have Total as Top Level Item for Level 1, Parent Levels for Level 2 (Level 1) & Parent Level for Level 3 (Level 2).


    I'm still not sure what's the issue you are actually facing. If you still have concerns, please provide more details on the case.





  • Hi Kristina,

    Thanks for your response.

    Of course i have setup as you have mentioned.

    But i am unable to view the contents, when i choose Top Level item in Level 1.

    Is there any way we can bring the values when i choose the Top Level item.