Level 2 > Conclusion > Create Inventory Ordering Saved View and Export


Should the numbers given by Anaplan in the downloaded csv file match with our exports or is it just to match the format

My numbers are way off target- 

I know the general direction is right as I got the Sprint 3 Exam question right - just that I am not certain if the file in the conclusion model takes into consideration the ordering requests placed in the Sprint 3 exam ?

Any guidance would be helpful..





  • Something that I struggle with is the urge to tinker and test as I go, and I don't always remember to fully undo everything I do to test a new line item.  

    If you've only done to the model data exactly what was specified in the lessons (which I kept to 98-99% of the time this time around), I would expect the numbers to not match perfectly, but be fairly close.


    If by way off you mean almost every cell is off by 3-12, don't sweat it.  If by way off you mean that the cell values are off by an order of magnitude, that's more troublesome.


    The comparison is really about the structure of the cells (right header rows and columns around the numerical array (Columns A & B and Rows 1 & 2).