How to search Sort option?



The new Action "Order List" is added.

So I tried to change "old sort option" to "Order List Action".


The Refurbishment step is below.

Step 1 : Search all modules which are sorted by Line item.

Step 2 : Change to Order List Action.


But when I do Step 1,  Another Sorted Information has appeared like this.

I think this cause because the cursor is on US-Sales -Bonus % .

Cover image preview



How can I search the module sorted by?










  • Hi @hyudolee 


    Not sure if i understood you correctly, but you can check if the sorting is enabled at the module if you open each view one by one and see a checkbox ticked against the sorting icon as in the screenshot.


    To check the current applied sorting you can see against "Sort by" as in your screenshot. The value of "Sort by" should be different from what you have just chosen.

    As you can see in my example I previously set it to Q1 but now chose some random month (May 20) but I still see my last applied sorting.