Rounding not correct in ALL



Do you know why I'm getting wrong value on Total Containers for ALL for Inbound Pallets (see image)? 

For example: W/c 18th Jan 21 should be 4 and not 3. I suppose the 3 is based on 1.159 + 1.159 = 2.318 so rounds to 3. But I want it to be based on the already rounded 2 value.


I can't use SUM in the Total Containers line item because that will SUM all individual rows and I get 12 containers (there are 6 products for each shipper and it rounds every one up to a container).


The lowest level for a shipper is built at BVFSKu level, and here is one week for this Shipper (see SKU Level image), (22 pallets = 1 container) so the week = 1.18143 containers, rounded up to 2. Maybe I need to build a new module to sum up the rounded numbers?


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Best Answer

  • Solved it myself, simply removed the SKU dimension from that particular line item doing the rounding.