Upload the Territory to Accounts data file into the Sales Planning model.




I am stuck at the point where I need to upload the territory to account data from the CYW Scenario Territory to Accounts.csv file.


In order to populate the G4T Territory>Account# list, I need a Territory and Account combination code which is not available in the csv file. Do I need to create a module to upload the file first and then use it to generate a valid combinations for code and then use this module to update the list?


Why are we not updating the G4T Territory>Account# list from the Data Hub model?


I also see a "Code Import field in the SYS06 Territory Account Details module. Can someone please clarify what this is used for?






  • I have able to figure this out

  • Hi @BahalR 


    Could you give some hints on how you managed to solve this?

  • Hi can you please share some insights on how were you able to figure it out.




  • Hi, @BahalR 


    Please tell me how to fill  the Line Item "Display Name" in the G4T Territory>Account#?

    Should I create a module SYS15 Territory>Account to fill the G4T Territory>Account#?





    Any hint/clue is much Appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards.


  • Hi @BahalR 

    Can you please tell me how did you do this? I am having same problem.




  • In the later stage that is in 4.4 Model Build Specifications a file will be provided . Please import that.