Gather 4 Clues to Find the Mystery Roadmap Item



The end of the year is fast approaching, and in the UK this usually means lots of quizzes (now done virtually, as opposed to at the pub). In June, I did a quiz about the Extensions, but many things have changed since then—so here is a new one for you to polish your knowledge about those products, as well as to discover an exciting item of our roadmap!

It's simple to play:

  1. Answer the four questions below, one by one, in order.
  2. The correct answers will not immediately be given; instead, choose your answer and write down the associated character (letter or number).
  3. Once you have finished all the questions, the letters and numbers you have written should form a meaningful expression (already in the right order, phew!).
  4. Write down the expression you found in the comment sections.

Please note that the answers are correct at the time of publishing. The information is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame, and enhancements to the product may change before release.

Question 1: When will the Google Sheets Add-On become available to all our customers (General Availability)?

Answer Corresponding character
November 2020 O
January 2021 G
March 2021 A
January 2022


Choose one of the answers above, and write down the corresponding character!

Question 2: Which versions of the Excel and PowerPoint Add-ins, and functionalities, are coming at the end of October?

Answer Corresponding character
Excel Add-in 4.1 and PowerPoint Add-in 1.7 with UX Integration 1
Excel Add-in 4.2 and PowerPoint Add-in 2.5 with conditional formatting F
Excel Add-in 4.1 and PowerPoint Add-in 1.7 with Self-Service SAML support 3
Excel Add-in 4.2 and PowerPoint Add-in 2.5 with ALM


Question 3: What approach was implemented for Excel Add-in 4.0 and will be used going forward?

Answer Corresponding character
An early access programme, with selected customers who meet regularly with the Product Manager to give their feedback about the roadmap J
A beta programme for customers to test the add-ins in a sandbox before release 1
A phased release: the add-ins are first available to a small group (Phase 1), then available via Anapedia as a download (Phase 2) and finally several weeks later, it was available to all users via the in-product notification (Phase 3) 6
A standard release where all users receive a notification in Excel and PowerPoint as soon as the add-in is released


Question 4: Between April and September 2020, how many suggestions from the Idea Exchange have been delivered?

Answer Corresponding character
3 6
5 M
12 5


Did you find the expression?

    • Post it in the comments and tell us what you think it means. (hint: It's an exciting item in our roadmap!) 
    • Give us kudos if you liked the game and learned from it.
    • Tell us what you think—which question was the most difficult? Are you excited about what's in our roadmap?
    • Now you can look at the answers below!
Which stands for Microsoft Office 365
The following 4 ideas are in our roadmap and will be delivered through Office 365 Add-ins.

Join our feedback group if you would like to see prototypes and participate in surveys to shape the roadmap. And keep posting your ideas— we value them. Everything about the Extensions in our one-stop-shop on Community.


  • @MagaliP Brilliant, and fun, as always.

  • As a Mac user I am very happy to see the addin on the roadmap. No more VirtualBox to run windows office for Anaplan Excel addin 🙂


    The Word addin will also be awesome in competes with certain competitors 

  • This was a refreshing change to normal delivery updates, thanks  @MagaliP ! Looking forward to testing the new add ins.