Level 2 - Sprint 2 - Lesson 2.2.6



I need some help in understanding volume growth projections which is in months.  The demand forecast is in weeks, but the volume growth across the globe is in months.  It subsequently changes back to weeks for the initial demand forecast.   For example now we have halloween and it will increase sales of candy for couple of weeks only.  I realise this is mock data, and will continue with the model.  But  like to know how it works when you set up a monthly demand projections for weekly data? When you update the volume growth % in months does it apply the same monthly increase percentage to all four/five weeks in the month?    





  • @ThiruT 


    Yes it will flat line the monthly percentages to weeks but you can override the weekly percentages by creating the override line item. There is another option of "Breakback" but let's not go there.



  • Thank you