Query regarding history log



I needed some clarifications regarding the history log. There are some columns in the log which represents individual lists and there are some lists which are not a part of the log. So my question here is which lists under general lists are part of the log as separate columns and which lists are not.?



  • @NilanjanDutta 


    Not sure if there is anything like that. It captures every change that is made within the system. Can you please share some example - might be worth taking a look at.



  • I have created four lists under General list bit I see a column with one of the list names. I have attached the example below. So why does this particular list appears as a separate column.




  • Please refer the below attachment.
  • Hi @NilanjanDutta 


    It only shows history if any elements in the lists were actually modified anyhow.

    Otherwise, you would have columns which are completely empty. For the same reason you would not see a column "Imports" if there were no imports which were run or modified by anybody between the reviewed time frame.