How to consolidate 3 lists part of same hierarchy




I'm building an FP&A and is right now working on the FTE part. I have three lists:

1. E4 Employees # - this is the main Headcount file from HR 

2. E4 Recruitments # - this is the monthly recruitment file with people that are signed to start in the future

3. E4 New Asks # - this is a list populated by users going into Anaplan UX and adding new asks manually


These three lists are all on the same level (4) in a hierarchy from top to bottom: Function (1) -> Region (2) -> Cost Centre (3).


The client is now wondering if we can consolidate these three lists on a static monthly basis into one list for reporting analysis purposes. So when the latest forecast becomes the budget they want to merge these lists and use a new one, ex. E4 Budget Employees #, to drill down on.


1. How can I build this new E4 Budget Employees # list containing all three top ones?

2. Is this the smart way to go for this kind of process in Anaplan? The client is new to Anaplan and not sure if what makes sense in Excel is right way forward here.


Please bare in mind question 1 is the important one to be resolved in any case.


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  • rob_marshall



    Why are those in three different lists and not one, and then create 3 different subsets (one for Employee's, one for Recruitments, and one for New Asks)?




  • That's a good point Rob. I think if I would do it from the start that's how I'd go about it. But since we are now in the end of the project and doing some additional stuff for the client I'm a bit wary of going back and change all that. I seem to get the hang of how to do build the list based on previous ones from saved views so think I'm OK with my question at the start actually. But I will talk about your idea with the Solution Architect in the team to see if that is something we should go ahead with, thanks!