Import Code to Numbered List from Saved View




I'm trying to import the code that is automated from a saved view module based on the Numbered List. The user adds people to the list based on a form but are not adding a code to the people. This happens in the module based on the list and is automated without user interference. After this I want to import a saved view of this module to populate the automated code to the Numbered List. But when I do this I get more line items with the codes instead of updating current lines with their automated codes. How can I make sure the code import updates the existing people in the Numbered List and not create new lines with this code?


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  • Noemi.andres

    Hi @johan.marketoft 


    This will depend on the settings of the import action. Assuming you are running the import within the same model (i.e. not doing a model A to model B import for the update of the code), ensure you are mapping the import based on the name of the list as highlighted on my screenshot attached. 


    This should then recognise the numbered list ID of the employee from your saved view and update the code accordingly.