POST n periods later


Can someone explain to me in plain English what the POST n periods later line item is doing in this screenshot?  I understand what POST to a later period does, and what POST to an earlier period does, but I don't understand how we are getting 3,000 in the yellow highlighted cell here:



Any explanation would be appreciated.





Best Answer

  • jackcplanning

    For POST, I imagine it as posting an entry x periods before or after.

    From a logic evaluation perspective, if you look at the 6,000 in Feb 15, it's comprised of ALL POSTs that would hit Feb 15.

    1. Jan 15 posts 3,000 1 period later
    2. Feb 15 posts 1,000 in its period
    3. Mar 15 posts 2,000 1 period back

    Feb 15 would then aggregate all POSTs for that period.

    You wouldn't evaluate it as a siloed period - it's an amalgamation of all periods that POST to it.

    If Jun 15 had a POST(1000,-4), Feb 15 would then have 7,000 in its cell.



  • I believe the POST you're seeing is related to the 3,000 in June. n has a value of -1, meaning it'll post a period back.

  • @jackcplanning - thanks for that.  That makes sense from a -1 would put the 3000 back one period perspective, but what was the clue to look there?  My thought process was to first look at the x value in May 15 column, then the offset in the n line item, which put me back at the value in the Mar15 x line item.  I don't understand why we're looking in the June column?



  • @jackcplanning - thank you for that clear explanation.  I understand it much better now.  That's clearer for me than the explanation on the Anapedia page 😊.