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Is there a reason why all the saved views from a deployed version do not show up to add as a connection in the PowerPoint Add-In?


I am unable to select a module that I want to export to PowerPoint.

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  • MagaliP
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    All saved views should be accessible, unless they are subsidiary views which we do not support and unless you do not have access to the module.

    If you created the views while you were already signed in to the add-in, try login in and out again to clear the cache.


    If none of those 3 checks work, please contact Anaplan Support.


  • Thanks! None of them worked and now Anaplan Support team is helping me out. 🙂 

  • Hej, @riddhishah17 what was the solution? I seem to have run into the same problem.

  • I believe I set up a new module with only the items I wanted to display. It was probably because I was trying to use a subsidiary view within my saved view previously and that was not supported in the previous version. I also got an email about a version upgrade a while ago and I am not sure if it addressed this issue. Hope that helps!