Lesson 4.8.2. importing employees



May someone please explain to me how I can import the Employees import? I keep getting stuck at the mapping point/ it keeps telling me 

Item Name cannot be mapped for a numbered list when items are identified by Code or Combination of properties.


I am mapping it just like I did all the previous imports, not sure why I keep getting stuck

any help will be huge

Thank you!



  • Leave 'E2 Employees#' blank with no column.
  • ec35

    I had the same problem, I started over and left the first one blank and put employees name as the last one (display name). everything else should be normal. not 100% sure this is what they wanted but it seemed to work for me

  • I tried it, but it still is saying the same thing">😫

    thank you though, I appreciate it

  • still aint changing anything, still getting the same error message


    thanks a bunch for helpin tho

  • do you have code checked or name checked when you are importing this? or do you have combination of properties checked?

  • Hi Zak,


    Attached you will see a screen shot of the CSV file we would be importing into the E2 Employees# list. Please take a look.

    • Become familiar with what data is in column.
    • What is the header for each column called?


    Return to your model. When you are on the mapping page of your import you will see that Anaplan is requiring you to map to 4 different sources. The source would be the data listed in your CSV file. Even more specific, the source is going to be each column Anaplan wants you to map data too.


    You will notice that there are more than four columns of data in your spreadsheet. That is okay. We are only mapping to the four lists that you created for E2Employee# List. See attachment for a remind of what your four lists are.


    Your first two targets are mapped incorrectly. The last three are right. Please review the information about and remap.  You may also want to review the instructions in your course for this particular topic. One sentence you may have missed which will help you with the E2 Employees# is as follows:


    ** Importing into a number list created a system-generated item identification number in the NAME field of the list, so items will be uniquely identified by the CODE.


    SOURCE                                                                                                                                TARGET


    ________                                                                                                                       E2 Employee#

    ________                                                                                                                       Parent

    Column 2: Code                                                                                                                Code

    Column 9: Active                                                                                                              sE2 Employees#: Active

    Column 1: Employees                                                                                                      Display Name


    Let me know if you still have questions after reviewing this.






  • Great, thank you