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I have just created a module as per instructions.  I am still not clear about assigning CATEGORY.  I have set up a Data Tag as DEMAND MODULE and a functional area as DEMAND.   I am not quite sure whether this is what I am supposed to do.  As upi can see in the screenshot the DEMAND functional area is showing up in the   CONTENTS panel but the DEMAND MODULE is not showing up in the Modules listing under Model settings.  How do you assign the DATA TAG to the modules DEM01 and DEM02?  Some help will be greatly appreciated.



ThiruScreenshot (277).pngScreenshot (278).png


  • I believe 'Category: Demand Modules' is just the instruction to put your DEM01 and DEM02 under the '-- DEMAND MODULES --' dummy module to keep your list of modules organized. This should mirror how your SYS modules are under '-- SYSTEM MODULES --' and DAT modules are under '-- DATA MODULES --' There is no functional impact to the model, only helping to instill best practices in model organization.