Disclosure Management Tools


Colleagues, hi!


I was wondering if you can share your experience with different Disclosure Management tools that you've used so far in your organizations for the purpose of IFRS / US GAAP full pack preparation.


I've heard from my colleagues that there is expected to be delivered a new type of page but, personally, I doubt that it will accommodate our requirements. Also, I know about recommendations on Workiva but wondering maybe there are other options that you came across or experienced.


We are going to implement the IFRS Kit on Anaplan but from the angle of pack preparation - it's not fully sufficient.


P.S. Connecting via Excel Add-In to Word is a known workaround but actually not the best option to consider.


  • I would recommend reviewing Workiva as they have the tightest integration and partnership with Anaplan. You can exchange data as needed via Workiva Chains (Onecloud.io under the covers).


    The other solution I know is Certent but when wasn't true cloud when i used it last and did not have a productionised Anaplan integration capability. 

  • @jwakefield , hi!


    Thank you for your input. I would like to avoid Workiva being the only option for my research but the longer I'm searching - the more I understand that it will be the only proper solution