Lists: Does the list use Properties?


This is a problem when the properties don't meet the following use case needs:

  • Display Name for numbered lists
  • Creating actions using numbered lists
  • Export labels
  • Facilitating navigation to different dashboards (classic dashboards)
  • Creating driver and dependent lists

Why is this a problem?

List properties are the same as line items but have many limitations. List properties add to the overall size of the list upon load. It is easier to write formulas in modules using line items than it is to write formulas using list properties. There isn't an easy way to control the summary of properties. It is best to keep it simple. When possible, include these as line items rather than properties. This keeps the calculations in one place in the module.


How to correct:

A systems module that includes properties allows you to store the data in a central location that other model builders can use. The same can be said for a list, but keeping them in a module provides easier formula writing and the ability to control how they are summarized. To create the systems module, first, create a new list that includes the properties. Then, create a module that includes the list that the properties should be applied to. Format the line items using the list format and selecting the property list.


More information:

Planual 1.05-03


Model Optimization Checklist