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I have two different hierarchy of lists.

Both have n number of hierarchy.

List one has display name as Priya and the other list is referred as Priya | Anaplan, Priya | Java.

The display name for second list is the combination of first list and course. Here, Priya | Anaplan, Priya | Java have same Priya.

As first list items can read multiple course.

The saved view is based on the second list and the dropdown option when selected it will display as Priya | Anaplan, Priya | Java but the requirement is when we select the dropdown we should only see Priya (not Priya | Anaplan, Priya | Java) and once we select Priya we should be able to see details related to Priya | Anaplan and Priya | Java.

Could you please suggest me some approach to do it?




  • @CommunityMember126537,


    If I understand this correctly, You need to have a list1 as a drop-down and list 2 items to be shown based on list 1 selection.

    I assume you have an attribute/line-item in your list2 system module which defines your list 1 item.

    Now create a boolean filter in your list 2 module which selects/ticks list 2 members based on the selection.


    The selection module here is list1 formatted line item without any dimension. Your boolean formatted line item in list2 has a formula "selection.lineitem=list2_module.list1_lineitem".

    Now apply this boolean filter on your saved view/module and also publish selector in the dashboard.


    Hope this helps.


    Let me know if you need further details.