Level 2 - Sprint 2 - Import DAT03 Historic Volumes module



I have got this error message however I tried to do it.  I am not sure where I am going wrong.  I followed the Anaplan community replies thread but am unable to follow.  Obviously this is why I am still getting the error message.  Some help will be greatly appreciated.  I have attached screen shots of the DATA HUB Model IMPORTS tab as well as IMPORT DATA SOURCES Tab.  I have also attached the error message I am getting.  I do notice that the Source Model name is different to the name I have created.  Is this a problem?



ThiruScreenshot (283).png



Screenshot (288).pngScreenshot (289).pngScreenshot (287).png   


  • Hi @ThiruT 


    This error comes when you don't have the access to the source model which you are importing from . 

    1. Make sure you have all the access to the source model .

       * Check in Source Models tab where target model is mapped and check for access to that model  if it is a correct mapping . 

    2. If you have the access and still facing this issue then you need to check where the target model is pulling data from . This you can check in Source Models tab in model . 

       * If it is mapped to a different model ( TEST or Dev or Prod in actual scenario ) , you need to change the mapping source and correct it . 

     * You can edit mapping in the source models tab and map it to the model from where you will be doing the import . 

    For more info : https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Modeling/Manage_Models/Source_Models.html?_ga=2.135432951.750366227.1604165133-2045643957.1603268825


    Hope this helps. Let me know any further clarifications needed on this 



    Puneeth HP 


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  • Hi Puneeth

    I have two questions?

    (1) Is the process run to draw data from DATA01 Historic Volumes, DAT02 Shipping metrics, DAT03 Historic Volumes? from the Data Hub Model? These data modules seem to already exist in the supply chain model.  Screen shot attached 

    Screenshot (295).png

    Or Is the lesson referring to Saved Views? I thought this may be the case and I mapped individual action to the the individual saved views.  This may be wrong.  Message attached.Screenshot (291).pngScreenshot (292).png


    (2) My next question is Lesson says run process 9 import data from the hub.  I was focusing on 'run process' but failed to realise that we are not providing any instructions to say where the data goes? If the data is pulled from the Data Hub model to the Supply chain model at what point do you say that the Data should be stored in DAT03 Historic Volumes Module (In the supply chain model)?

    I also mapped the Supply Chain model as below. 

    Screenshot (294).png