Form adding L3 Cost Type # list item only to specific C3 Cost Centre # list item




I currently have a module dimensioned by 2 Numbered lists:

* C3 Cost Centre #

* L3 Cost Type #


I want to present a module on the UX dimensioned by these two lists and a line item for the Amount. The thing is, I want to be able to add more L3 Cost Type # list items from a Form, and that should only be added to a specific Cost Centre. I suppose I need some sort of Filtering module to help out? I know one way could be that the user manually marks booleans to TRUE in a filtering module based on the above 2 lists which you then filter on the UX, but then it becomes very manual.


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  • Misbah
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    I think creating a combination list will help. From this particular module create a combination list based on the concatenation of Cost Centre and Cost Type. Make Cost Centre as the Parent of the Cost Centre-Cost Type Combination list. And then allow users to create Cost Types under Cost Centre by using Forms.


    You can easily use SUM to aggregate the data if there is any need to report at Cost Types level.