Check value update in module


HI Team,


I need  to change cell color in grid of module1  if  cell value updated in module2. (both modules are related each other). 

So which method i should add in Module 1 to check for whether value in column of grid in module 2 is update or not.


Please guide me on same.





  • Hi @Jerin_KJ 


    Here we need to apply Conditional Formatting for the line items in module 1 . 

    For this , first create a line item 'CF' in module 1 which has a formula which says If the Module 2 line item is BLANK then 0 ELSE 1 . ( You have mentioned that these two modules are related ) 

    Using this CF line item in Module 1 . You can use Conditional Formatting on the line items you will need to change color in Module 1 . 

    For more info on Conditional Formatting :


    Apply this Conditional Formatting in Saved View which you have created for NewUX . 

    Publish this Saved views grid in the NewUX . automatically NewUX will include these Conditional Formatting in the grid . 

    Hope this helps.



    Puneeth HP

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