Level 3 Sprint 1 - Section 9:2




We need to distribute the Final Account sales target to quarters by reflecting the proportionality of the Initial Account Sales Targets distribution in Quarters.


So to find the percentage of Initial Account Sales Targets distribution in Quarters, we need to lookup at the Quarterly value and divide it by FY 20 value. As part of hint or idea, its been suggested to use LOOKUP function and the SYS99 Lookup module, rather than using a SELECT function. 

Why cant I use Yearvalue function? Is there any specific reason that we have to use SYS99 module?




  • Hello @maheswariJ 

    It's great that you have arrived at L3 in your Anaplan Journey 👍.
    According to the rules of the L3, an Anaplanner is asked to tackle the technical issues of the training on their own without soliciting help from others. The rule is strictly imposed on L3.
    However, if you ask about a concept instead I'm sure we will be able to help.

    Best of Luck

  • Completely agree with your point but my question is why there is a hint in training to use that particular system model and Lookup. Is it necessary to go as per hint if i can derive the same value using Yearvalue function.