6.8.4 Activity: Add Formulas to Country Details Module


Hi all, I've been retracing my steps since yesterday and cannot find out what I have done wrong. When I try to add the Line Item Region's formula, Parent(Item('G2 Country')), I continue to get the below error message...but the previous steps said that Line Item Region should have Format:G1 Region. Did I place incorrectly? Thanks for any assistance!


The formula for 'SYS03 Country Details'.Region is invalid:

Region = PARENT(ITEM('G2 Country'))

Region does not apply to G2 Country

(Region applies to G1 Region)



  • Hi, 


    Seeing error message 'Region does not apply to G2 Country', I think Parent Hierarchy is not added, but cross-verify ones.


    G2 Country must be having G1 Region as Parent and

    G3 Location must be having G2 Country as Parent.


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  • Hi Basavaraj,

    I have the parent hierarchy listed, below are my screen shots. Am I supposed to input somewhere else? I appreciate your assistance!

    Thank you!








  • Hi Marie, Please check below selection. 



    Hope it works now.


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  • Had that down correctly 🙂 I do see that America, Europe and Asia are listed directly under Region 1. Perhaps that's what went wrong?




  • I fixed that issue, removed the duplicate America, Europe and Asia unfortunately still receiving the error message. 🤔



  • Okay. Lets see if you had done all below steps 

    1. Check G1 and G2 are correct as per screen 2

    2. Make sure only 3 Hierarchy G1,G2,G3 as per screen 1. Add top level and Parents

    3. Add 3 line items on your module as per screen 3(attached), in G2


    Once data is imported, write above calculation CODE(ITEM('G2 Country')). Let me know if you find any issues and error still persists. 


    If you are stuck or confused, delete SYS03 and respective components and do fresh. 


    Stay Safe,


  • Thank you very much! Went through the lessons again. It worked! Deleting and redoing the SYS03 and now I can move on. Thank you so very much!!


    Kind regards,