Filter issues


Hi Team,

I have observed one issue popped up with filters in a dashboard.

i am able to apply and view the data in Dev 



However, when i move the chagne to qa , the filters are disappearing and the data is not displayed.


we have items in L4 level too. Could any one suggest what is the exact issue?

Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Anilp,


    It looks to me to be a data or access issue.

    It sounds like you do not have any item in your L4 Sub-Market Channel list (or not access to them) therefore the fitlers aren't shown. Add a least one item in your list and you should be able to view your filter.


    Let me know how it goes.



  • Thank you for the response. i have workspace admin to the model and there is no roles defined in it. in addition to that, we have data in the L4 list level too.  


    Any further suggestions?

  • No selective access enabled on that list?

    Also, do you have any filter applied to the L4 list which would prevent the module from displaying any data?



  • Hi @anilp 


    It may be because of the filter condition as of now you have added two filter and  Show items that match having  ALL of the following so it acting as AND condition.

    Please check your filter condition & your time filter module whether it's marked as True or not






    2) when both Condition met then it will show the required time. 




    Hope this helps!





  • @anilp 


    This won't help with your access issue, but you should really think about combining those filters into one line item for performance reasons.  Why?  The way Anaplan works is it will retrieve the data for the first filter and then it will re-read the data for the 2nd filter.