How do I get a UX Research Superstar badge?


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The Anaplan Community recently came out with many new badges to award and show appreciation to our members for their involvement. One of those badgesthe UX Research Superstar badgeawards Community members for participating in research carried out by the User Experience (UX) team.


At Anaplan, our UX team spends a lot of time with customers and partners in order to understand their roles, goals, and motivations. The team's goal is to use this information to design great experiences for them. Our team does this through a variety of methods such as 1:1 interviews, observations, surveys, and usability studies using prototypes of new designs.

Through these assessments, we've learned a lot. For example, we’ve learned that builders want a seamless experience when building models and pages, optimized for managing multiple objects in a central place without lots of clicking. We've also learned that business users, such as analysts and planners, want to get to their content quickly, focusing on what is important to them and knowing just when they need to take an action.

We’ve gained such insights by spending hundreds of hours in research sessions with our users, listening to them speak about their jobs and what they need to be successful. We’ve included them in iterative design testing to ensure that what we build works in the ways our users expect.

More About the UX:

You might be wondering, 'How can I get involved?' By helping us in one of these two ways, not only are you helping shape the future of Anaplan, but you can also receive the UX Research Superstar badge:

1. Sign up for our User Research Program. After you sign up, you will be notified of upcoming studies and can opt to join the ones that are of interest to you.

2. Participate in a 1:1 interview or usability study with the UX team.

For questions about research at Anaplan, contact, or join our User Research Group on Community.



  • Being able to shape the direction of where Anaplan is going and then seeing the impact of those conversations later down the line is something that we should all look to take part in.

    Everyone should want to be a UX Research Superstar!

  • Looking forward to another badge and the opportunity to participate in this research!